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Job Development Officer (JDO)


Objective: To assist Aboriginal clients of all ages who face labour market difficulties, and who would benefit from the Job Development Officer Program by becoming more self sufficient, develop skills in maintaining employment, and focus on long-term career goals.

The JDO provides services to EI Claimants & Social Assistance recipients.


Job search, Interview Skills, Resume and Cover Letters


Workshops are available upon request & designed to provide groups with Support, Motivation, Encouragement, along with teaching skills for Job Readiness.


Provide Job Placements as well as On The Job Training.


To access our services, Clients MUST register at our office.

Free Internet Access


We will assist you in developing an effective resume and/or cover letter for your Job Search.

We provide or assist with the following forms or applications.

Application Forms


Summer Career Placement Application forms


Note: we require at least 2 weeks notice prior to course start date for sponsorship applications to be processed.

Other Applications/Forms


College/University Applications


Access to other Funding Sources

College and University Calendars


We post current jobs listed in Newspapers and other sources at BLNDC.


We fax job postings to all the local First Nations offices - to assist their members.

We provide a free service to employers to post their jobs. We will meet with employers to fill a job posting or they can contact our office.

We will search our files for qualified applications and refer them to employers.

Contact: John Nooski (250) 692-3188 ext 224

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